About Us

About VA Home Builders

Our site was created with two groups that have been supporting Veterans for years, Veterans Home Builders & USA Homes for Heroes.  

We appreciate your Service to our Country.

Our mission is to be able to assist our veterans to buy new homes and to be able to have the title fees and part of the closing costs paid.  Now it just got better, when you work with the largest VA lender in the country for purchase business with our Hero Program you will be saving thoudsands when buying your new home. With our home builders program we can make the home ownership dream become a reality!

USA Homes for Heroes

"We support our veterans by giving back providing closing costs savings when buying a home through one of the real estate agents in our network"

USA Homes for Heroes has been providing closing cost savings for it's heroes since 2010.  Since our company began we have helped 1000's of members when buying or selling a home.  Our market started in the DFW area and now offers savings in most of the major metropolitan markets nationwide. 

Home buyers receive big savings with 25% of the real estate commission (*up to $3,000) at time of closing as a closing cost contribution-credit towards the purchase of a home using a USA Homes for Heroes designated real estate agent. When selling a home sellers receive a low cost listing fee of only $5,000 for a full service MLS program.



 Veterans Home Builders, VA Home Builders and USA Homes for Heroes are not affiliated with the Dept. of Veterans Affairs or any government agency.